Treatment of Musculoskeletal/Arthritic Conditions

Treatment of Musculoskeletal/Arthritic Conditions

The clinic offers thorough personalised care to the individual where assessment of musculoskeletal conditions sustained through injury (e.g. sports, fall), trauma (e.g. road traffic injury) or overuse can be used to guide treatment and management in order to strengthen and avoid recurrence. A range of techniques are available including manual therapy, soft tissue therapy, traction, acupuncture, biomechanical/muscle imbalance work and electrotherapy (e.g. PTNS/TENS, LASER, muscular stimulation to aid strengthening of muscles).

Symptoms arising from arthritic conditions, including pain, swelling and fatigue, may be treated using a number of modalities including acupuncture, electrotherapy (PTNS/TENS, interferential, LASER, ultrasound and manual therapy/soft tissue massage.

The overall aim for the physiotherapist will be to help patients return to activities of daily living, including work where this is applicable.


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