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Sylvia Nagle, initially qualified with Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons) from University College Dublin 1989, has developed the clinic and has specialised in the use of acupuncture and physical therapy modalities in the treatment of many conditions. As a member of the Society of Orthopaedic Medicine Sylvia developed her formative post graduate training in techniques specifically used in the management of orthopaedic, rheumatological and sports injuries to include back/neck pain and generalised soft tissue injuries. In 1991 Sylvia completed a three year course in acupuncture from the British College of Acupuncture. Subsequently attended European College of Acupuncture in Malta and four month post graduate course in Nanjing University in the 2nd Affiliate Hosiptal of Nanjing to complete practical postgraduate experience.

Sylvia initially gained experience working in the public sector in Ireland, England and Wales whilst undertaking undergraduate placement in California, USA gaining experience in programmes in rehabilitation of neurologically impaired patients (spinal cord). Upon graduating, Sylvia worked in the public sector (in both hospital and community environs) initially in Ireland and subsequently in England and Wales. Since 2006 Sylvia has engaged in full time private practice in Castlebar Physiotherapy and Acupuncture Clinic. In 2012, in conjunction with other colleagues a satellite clinic was opened in Charlestown, County Mayo for the provision of services locally to patients with a specific interest in sports injuries.

Over the last few years, Sylvia has undertaken research in the effective treatment of pelvic pain and pelvic floor dysfunction, for both men and women, and is advancing practice in Women�s and Men�s Health- continence care (bowel and bladder). Currently registered in a postgraduate programme � Masters programme for continence (men/women) in Bradford University. The use of neuromodulation for symptoms of overactive bladder and for faecal incontinence is of particular interest. The use of electro-acupuncture for pain relief and dry needling techniques for disorders of the myofascial, musculo-skeletal and joint pathology are areas of clinical interest. Pelvic pain (regularly under reported and subsequently untreated) is currently on offer for treatment of patients with nerve pain/entrapment for male and female patients.

Professional membership includes: Society of Orthopaedic Medicine, Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Women�s Health, British Medical Acupuncture Society and of British Medical Acupuncture Association. Additional clinical affiliations include:

  • Member of Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (MISCP)
  • Member of Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (CSP)
  • Member of Irish Continence Society (ICS)
  • Member of International Urogynaecological Association (IUGA)
  • Member of The International Pelvic Pain Society (IPPS)

As a member of the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists Sylvia is affiliated to clinical interest groups to include CPA (Chartered Physiotherapists in Acupuncture), CPMT (Chartered Physiotherapists in musculoskeletal therapy), Rheumatology (CPR), Women�s Health & Continence (CPWHC) and Chartered Physiotherapists in Private Practice (CPPP).

Presently Fiona is participating postgraduate studies in orthopaedic medicine.

The clinic provides the following services:

  • Physiotherapy,
  • Acupuncture,
  • Dry Needling
  • Bowen Therapy
  • Rehab following Surgery
  • Orthotic Assessment (shoe inserts/insoles)
  • Assessment in the management of strokes, Parkinson�s, multiple sclerosis and other neurological conditions- fully equipped gym for the provision of exercise regime(s)
All our treatments are tailored according to patients� needs.
Acupuncture is an ancient medical system used to diagnose, treat and prevent disease and improve well being.
Whether you have recently had a stroke or major surgery, we can help you restore your fitness and improve your recovery.
Orthotic Assessments
Orthotic Assessments
We offer many types of orthotics, ranging in price, foot control and material used to provide comfort and support as needed.